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A Guide To Downloading Daria Via Torrents (xposted like mad!)

Hi there, fellow esteemsters.

So, loads of people here have only got a few Daria episodes off limewire, and are desperately seeking another fix of an adventure time they can enjoy without ever having to leave their room (or cardboard box, with a high-speed internet connection). Unlike hiking trails*, I have the solution! Love me.

A recent post led to a completely accidental rant on my part about the wonders of Azureus, a downloading program, especially with such large scale things as the Daria series.

Some extremely kind and noble person was about to upload (on sendspace or whatever) individual episodes of Daria. That's about 200MG per ep, killing the time, effort and bandwidth of both the up/&/downloaders, as opposed to torrenting, where you can go bit by bit (without having to sit there for one single file).

The only problem is, it's kind of confusing..

I downloaded like 3 programs (Azureus twice!) and just kept opening them, staring at them blankly, and deleting them.

I don't know utorrent, but I think bittorrent is one of the commonest. I found it too simple, and thus confusing to fiddle with (kind of like how I feel about macs sometimes, if that makes sense!) But I'll show you how to use Azureus on a mac, and I'm sure it's basically the same on a PC.

So, here's a smarmy, colourful, and hopefully clear and helpful guide to torrenting the best show in the universe.

* * *

Go >>>HERE<<< (the azureus download site) and install that.

Then, go to the general torrent site and search for your term; in this case, obviously, it's Daria (hypothetically, if there was a movie or a singer called daria you might put in keywords like tv or series)

Pick the result closest to the top, in this exciting story, let's choose the first one (because its the full series AND it has the most seeds and leechers/peers [i.e. hosters and fellow downloaders who you can copy off as well as the hosts)
Alternately, you could pick one of the specific seasons if you have limited space or speeds.

and then pick whatever location you want (piratebay, miniova etc - I don't know why they have so many choices?). We'll go with the first.

hmm, maybe that was a bad example. It's a little bit in German, but the big green arrow is where you need to go.

A window will pop up, saying something like DARIA8543083589048354.torrent
Save it to the desktop or wherever. (it'll be tiny and temporary, because it's not the actual file, it's just the address)


It's the cutest.

Ok, so, open Azureus, and drag your torrent into the program window. I'm using an Of Montreal torrent as an example, and shameless plug.

Um.. I'm not sure if the Azureus default is to start downloading immediately or not (if so, pause it as soon as it appears!). But either way, you can view and change the download directory by going to the preferences (in this case, on a Mac, it's under 'Azureus', next to 'File' - I'm sure you can find something similar on a PC)

Too many options to think about! So don't! All you need to worry about is seeing where your file is heading, and where you want it to go (the last bit is optional). Also, automatic importing of torrents is handy if you're planning on downloading loads of other things.

From here, go to "My Torrents", and check out the seeds and peers (or 'leechers'). Seeds are hosts, peers are fellow stealers. The more you have, the higher chances you have of a fast and successful download.

If you want to only download one episode at a time (which might be a good idea if you want to focus on quickly downloading each epsiode one by one, as opposed to waiting for the whole thing to finish, or if 5 gig is a bit hard on the bandwidth and/or disk space), double click on the torrent name (i.e. 'Of Montreal blahblahblah'), and right click on individual files, and set their priority to not downloading.

Alright, now return to 'My Torrents', and click the green play button, or right click>'queue'. Your download will begin.

You may now go to that directory, move the files if you like, and enjoy watching the show and laughing bitterly. :]

I didn't even set out to be a spokeperson for Azureus! But I hope I've helped.

Party on, people.
Or, you know, just sit in your padded rooms and complain about the afore-mentioned hiking trail that never was, and never could be.

* see, these references might not even make sense until you've downloaded the series, haha
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