The spam-queen of LJ (puffy_chan) wrote in daria_quotes,
The spam-queen of LJ

daria quotes

hey, i'm a huge daria fan and i love the sarcasmn of the show
so i decided to pick out a few quotes  ( and not just daria quotes )
and make a quote of the week to put into a picture frame or
something, and put into my room
i know this may sound a little bit silly, but i wanna try it

so, could you help me and find the best quotes or statements from
all daria episodes? not conversations

like this one

"We are now entering hell. Please keep your hands and elbows inside the car."

thanks :)
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good luck on this one, especially since this comm is mostly dead. try finding a daria website of transcripts and just reading through for short lines of writing
it's kind of sad.
yeah i noticed that but i thought i give it a try
Jane to Daria: your attitude's not so bad. You probably only need one fake boob.

Daria - Can't talk now. I'm chairing a meeting of the Resting Quietly Club.

Jane - I could pass the test, but I like having low self-esteem. It makes me feel special.

Daria: When you're popular, all unpopular people look alike anyway.

Trent: I'll pick you up tomorrow morning. Not too early, sometime before lunch... or after.

thanks so much
the second daria one is great

and the trent one reminded me of one of my favourite trent/daria quotes:

Trent - Listen, I got to get to rehearsal. I'm late.
Daria - How do you know? You don't wear a watch.
Trent - I'm always late. That's why I don't wear a watch. They depress me.
I *LOVE* that quote.
You just know you'd be in love with Trent if he was real and not animated!!! Lol x
everything Trent says is great even if its not neccessarily funny. its just the way he says it
My favorite one-liner:

Jane: Gee, that was fun. But in the future, let's save time and just roll around on gravel.
The one in my incon!